API Reference

ICU MessageFormat 1 Packages

Package Description
@messageformat/core The core MessageFormat-to-JavaScript compiler
@messageformat/date-skeleton Tools for working with ICU DateFormat skeletons.
@messageformat/number-skeleton Tools for working with ICU NumberFormat skeletons and patterns.
@messageformat/parser An AST parser for ICU MessageFormat strings
@messageformat/react An efficient React front-end for message formatting
@messageformat/runtime A collection of runtime utility functions

Unicode MessageFormat 2 Packages

Package Description
messageformat (BETA) Intl.MessageFormat / Unicode MessageFormat 2 parser, runtime and polyfill
@messageformat/fluent (BETA) Conversion & compatibility tools for using Fluent with MessageFormat 2
@messageformat/icu-messageformat-1 (BETA) Compile ICU MessageFormat 1 sources into MessageFormat 2 formatters