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MessageFormatOptions interface

Options for the MessageFormat constructor


export interface MessageFormatOptions 


Property Type Description
biDiSupport boolean Add Unicode control characters to all input parts to preserve the integrity of the output when mixing LTR and RTL textDefault: false
currency string The currency to use when formatting {V, number, currency}Default: USD
customFormatters { [key: string]: (value: any, locale: string, arg: string | null) => string; } Map of custom formatting functions to include.
requireAllArguments boolean Require all message arguments to be set with a defined valueDefault: false
returnType ‘string’ | ‘values’ Return type of compiled functions; either a concatenated string or an array (possibly hierarchical) of valuesDefault: 'string'
strictNumberSign boolean Allow # only directly within a plural or selectordinal case, rather than in any inner select case as well.Default: false